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DiCola Petroleum has been in operation for many years, providing homes and businesses with oil heat. Today, we are owned and operated by the third and fourth generations of the family. We supply families and businesses with bulk oil, diesel fuels, gasoline, water, lubricants & in 2016 now offering propane.


DiCola Petroleum is a bulk fuel & water distributor that operates out of Perth, Ontario. At our office location we have a fuel station with a cardlock system where there is 24-hour access to the pumps. We provide regular gasoline and clear diesel on site. For our customers we can provide oil tanks, propane tanks, gas and diesel tanks, pumps, tank trays, lubricants, motor oil and emergency services. When speaking with residential and commercial clients on a daily basis we provide customers with our knowledgeable skills and service in the industry.


Bulk Fuel Distributor

  • Clear Diesel

  • Coloured Diesel

  • Regular Gas

  • Super Gas

  • Furnace Oil

  • Stove Oil

  • Propane


Delivery Fuel Service

  • 80% distribution of home heating fuels to residential homes in the area

  • 20% gasoline and diesel delivered to commercial businesses and farms


Cardlock System

  • 24-Hour service to the pumps

  • Secured access card


Bulk Water Distributor

  • 3500 gallons

  • 5000 gallons

  • Minimum delivery

  • Water for pools & hot tubs

  • Water for construction sites

  • Water for cisterns & portable toilets


Single & Double Wall Fuel Storage Skid Tanks

  • 300 gal Capacity

  • 500 gal Capacity

  • 1000 gal Capacity

  • Industry Standard Fuel Storage Tanks (ICU Approved)



  • Hand pumps

  • Gasboy

  • Electric

  • Direct mount

  • 12 V 


24-Hour Service

  • Emergency fuel delivery 

  • Gas station


DiCola Petroleum also provides and sells packaged lubricants and motor oils.


There are different delivery options, automatic delivery or phone in delivery.


Payment Options

  • Equal billing

  • Budget plans

  • Seniors discount

  • Online banking with all major banks

  • Pre-authorized payment plans

  • Cheques

  • VISA

  • Mastercard

  • Interac

  • Cash


DiCola Petroleum employs local people who live and work in our community. We take pride in the fact that as a local fuel distributor we continue to provide reputable, quality service and products while maintaining our exclusive customer relationships.

The fourth generation DiCola family sustains our heritage as a family owned and operated business.

As always, we look forward to working for and with the businesses and families of our community.


Any and all personal information gathered by DiCola Petroleum about our customers is gathered for the sole purpose of effectively providing you with our services. Your personal information will not be released to any third parties without your consent.





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