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Safe and warm, thanks to Oil Heat

Today's oil heat is a lot cleaner in Ontario and Quebec than it was 25 years ago, producing near-zero levels of combustion emissions. When adjusted for inflation, the price of oil heat has not changed since the 1950s. And, the price of oil heat is actually projected to rise at a lower rate than natural gas and electric energy. Which means you're choosing the most affordable option when you choose oil heat.


Heating with oil: You've made the right choice!



We know and understand that the cost of heating your home is on the top of your mind with today’s energy market. Heating with oil is efficient and comfortable.



In today’s oil market, energy prices fluctuate. However there are many advantages for choosing oil heat. Compared to gas, propane and electricity oil is the most competitively priced.



Nothing beats the safety of oil. The newest oil burners make it possible to cut down consumption costs and heat your home more efficiently.

Source: Oil Heating Association


The Top 10 Reasons To Feel Good About Oil Heat


  1. It is very clean - near zero emissions

  2. Air Quality - The oil heat industry has decreased the amount of sulfur in fuel oil leading to lower emissions

  3. Safe Tanks - State-of-the-art tanks are composed of corrosion resistant steel, fiberglass and polyethylene for a long life

  4. Very efficient - an improvement in usage of litres per year. A savings of almost 40%

  5. Long term savings - the price of oil heat hasn’t changed much in the past years, and it is expected to rise at a lower rate than natural gas and electric

  6. More hot water - Oil heat heats up water up to twice as fast as natural gas and up to five times faster that electricity. The oil heat flame is the hottest of all the energy sources

  7. Modern solutions - Improves your furnaces efficiency with proper equipment maintenance

  8. Beautifully safe - oil heat is non-explosive. If exposed to a match, it will not ignite

  9. Comfortable heat - Oil heat is the most comfortable heat, it burns hot, heats fast and makes you comfortable quickly

  10. Friendly professionals - They are in your neighbourhood and ready to deliver to your home                                                       Source:



For more information on oil heat and what DiCola Petroleum can provide, please contact us.

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