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Consider changing to a Vilco Fiberglass Tank

The Vilco Fiberglass Tank! 


The fiberglass tank that simply will never leak! Available in many designs (double & single wall), all backed by a 30 year warranty. This tank has fiberglass handles for easy and safe handling and stable fiberglass 'saddle' style legs. This tank is easy & safe to install indoors or outdoors. This tank is corrosion resistant and fire retardant, with liquid tight weatherproofing for fuel oil storage. With the purchase and install of the Vilco fiberglass tank you receive a 5 million dollar liability insurance coverage.



A new generation of reliability...


Quality Design


  • Vilco tanks are manufactured with state of the art technology using 100% fiberglass and UV and fire resistant resins to ensure maximum safe storage of fuel oil.

  • Tanks meet the strictest safety standards. All Vilco tanks are corrosion proof inside and out, making them the safest and most reliable in the marketplace.

  • Convenient side or top feed.

  • All tanks come with fiberglass saddle strands for better stability.

  • Tanks are weatherproof and lightweight for easy outdoor or indoor installations. No added weather protection or cover required. Wide-grip fiberglass handles are built in on each end making for safe and easy handling.

  • Double wall tanks come with a factory installed, highly visible sight glass for easy visual monitoring.

Quality Controlled


  • Every tank is factory tested to ensure superior quality.

  • Tanks come with a 30 year limited warranty against leaks caused by corrosion.

  • Vilco Ltd. home heating oil tanks are UL listed under EFNI (Oil Burner Tanks, Non-metallic - Testing Subject 2258).
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